Wednesday, June 25, 2014

VDownloader Uninstall – What Can You Do to Remove VDownloader from Your Laptop?

Would you like to uninstall VDownloader 4.0 and go back to version 3.4.5? Are you getting in trouble when you try to delete VDownloader from your computer? It is frustrated that you can not remove it as the message telling that the program is running. You are unable to get rid of it. In order to make your pc work more comfortably, you should learn the uninstall guides as following.
Would you like to watch your Favorite Videos from, Vimeo, Metacafe, Google Video, DailyMotion, Yahoo! Video or any other major video sharing website whenever and wherever you please? With VDownloader, you’ll be able to play video or audio on the road or on vacation on your MP3, mobile device or laptop; watch videos without annoying advertisements, captions or other distractions; make backups of online videos in any possible format; they might be lost or removed!
Once the VDownloader is useless, you need to delete it. And you can follow the standard uninstall tips below.
You need to restart your computer first.
Press F8 button while you are in the process of starting.
Select Safe Mode and press Enter.
When you are in the Safe Mode, click Start and then “Run”.
Type appwiz.cpl and click OK.
Find out VDownloader and click Uninstall.
Follow the instructions till you are prompted to reboot the PC.
Apart from that, you can just make the VDownloader gone the way it comes.
Go to and Search for VDownloader.
Download VDownloader installer program to your computer.
Launch the installer program which will automatically detect the already installed VDownloader on your computer.
Out of the three options presented, select “Uninstall” or “Remove Completely” option.
Finish the wizard and restart your computer.
The last option when you can not completely uninstall VDownloader is to force uninstall corrupted or left over programs files and registry information of it. Rather than taking the risk of manual removal, Perfect Uninstaller is available and sophisticated in forcibly removing any corrupted, half-installed, half-uninstalled and hidden program like eBuddy that Control Panel can’t detect or get around.
After installing Perfect Uninstaller, run it and find VDownloader in the program list in the main interface.
Click Uninstall to proceed to start the removal processes.
Perfect Uninstaller is scanning all related VDownloader entries on your computer.
Click “Next” to remove all associated VDownloader entries and then uninstall VDownloader from your computer.

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