Thursday, June 5, 2014

How can I totally uninstall office2007 when I don’t need it?


You attempted to delete from your computer for Office2007? Even if it may be listed in the list of programs in the Control Panel, it is not allowed to be unloaded. You are not able to go to the next step. So, you can try to uninstall it according to the following method.

Step one: remove anyremaining 2007 Microsoft Office system, Windows Installer package.

1press the Windows logo key + R, enter the Installer, enter. Open the C:/WINDOWS/ Installer folder.

2in the menu bar "view", click "details".

3in the menu bar "view", click "choose details".

4click to select the "topics" check box "width of selected columns" (pixels) box, type 340, and then click OK. (You may need a few minutes, you can display each. the theme of the MSI file).

5Find Office Source Engine, right click, and select stop.

6Open "my computer," "Tools" menu "folder options" in the "view" tab, select "Show hidden files and folders" and find "Hide protected operating system files (recommended)", will be removed in front of.

7in the menu bar, the "view" links to "arrange icons" and click the "topic".

8Step two: stop the Office Source Engine service.

9Remove any remaining 2007 Microsoft Office installation folders.

10Delete the registry  subkeys2007 Microsoft Office system.

11Finally restart your computer.

After you have deleted any components of office that were present, you should restart your computer. If you are not experienced or comfortable with using Windows search or Registry Editor, you might consider skipping the steps above and use a professional removal tool. Perfect Uninstaller is a powerful, trusted and reliable uninstall tool that can help you uninstall in a fast, secure and convenient way. A very useful feature of Perfect Uninstaller is that it not only deletes those unwanted programs , but also force uninstalls all of the unwanted leftovers.


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