Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Computer software to uninstall

Over time, residual software information can take up a lot of system resources, which may cause the system to crash. Uninstall ask, here are some tips provided for members ' reference, and help you solve the uninstall problem.

Technique one: "shift+Del" easily remove the Green software

True green software is very easy to uninstall, they do not add any information to the system, so it can be deleted as ordinary files, use "shift+Del" keys deleting the software catalog.

Skills II: use the "Start menu" uninstall programs

Some software will provide uninstaller, users simply run the uninstaller uninstall purposes will be achieved. This type of software in the "Start menu" add the appropriate program group, and its uninstall program are located in here. Click the "start-all programs-software name", find the uninstall feature, follow the wizard prompts to step by step operation can be successfully uninstalled.

Tip three: installation directory to find the uninstaller

Some software was not installed in the "start" menu to add items or even add project does not uninstall the program, users of such software uninstall program similar to the Uninstall.exe found in the installation directory, and double-click to run this program to uninstall the software.

Tip four: use the "Add or remove programs"

Uninstall software of when, using frequency compared high of is control panel in the of "added or delete program", some software in "began" menu and software installation directory in the are find not to corresponding uninstall program, on can in "added or delete program" in the found to uninstall of software name, click right "change/delete" key, according to tips a step a step for operation can.

Tip five: use Registry Editor to delete the software information

Some software due to their own reasons, through the built-in uninstaller, or "Add or remove programs" after uninstall in the "Add or remove programs" in the list of programs, still dominated by the software information, if the user wants to remove that information can open the registry editor, find the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE branch of \Micrsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall, which is shown below "Add or remove programs" item in the. Deleted software entries deleted, they are left in the "Add or remove programs" of information will be removed.

Tip six: using professional software uninstall utility

Manually uninstalling the software in addition to the above mentioned methods, such as: a perfect uninstall software uninstall tools, 360 security guards, can also help the user to simple, effective uninstallation of the software.

Perfect uninstall software provides users with a 279 species difficult to uninstall software and plugin's uninstall function, is currently uninstalled the largest number of software tools. Runs perfect uninstall software, click on the interface "plugin to clear" functionality, software can quickly detect this type of software installed on the system, then users can click you want to uninstall the software and plug-in, perfect uninstall first with its own uninstall program, the second uninstall order to uninstall completely. Users can also use the "Internet repair" feature, fix such software and plug-in problems brought about by the Internet.

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