Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Computer waste, discarded

After the software installation is complete, in its installation directory, except for running some of the required documents, also found that there is a file named "Uninstall+ software" file and its icon is similar to the Recycle Bin (some software may vary, but generally very good recognition). After you execute the program, it will automatically guide you completely remove the software and clean.


To uninstall the "QQ music" as an example

Opening QQ music installation directory


Find called "Uninstall+ software" file: here is called "QQ Music Uninstall"


If you do not remember the software's installation directory, or you can click on "start", point to "programs", computer software installed are shown here, in the menu or directory you'll see a "Uninstall" file (is a CDSpace unload pieces), and then follow the prompts.


Scenario two: using the "Control Panel"

Of course, not all software Uninstall program so this is a little Bandit software do? Then, you can use the provided by the Windows "Add/Remove Programs" to complete the software deleted.

Select "Start Settings Control Panel"

In the "Control Panel" select "uninstall programs"


In the "uninstall or change a program" Windows computers installed all the programs that are listed in the list, select the software you want to uninstall

Last point "uninstall or change a program", and follow the instructions on the software uninstallation.


It is advised to try Perfect Uninstaller. With Perfect Uninstaller running on your computer, all you need to do to remove a program is a right click to select “Uninstall with PC”. In this way, PC can be fully taken off by users who are running Windows operating systems of any version!

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