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Instruction On Uninstalling Antivirus Studio 2013 – Remove Antivirus Studio 2013

antivirus-studio-2011Antivirus Studio 2013 is the latest rogue antivirus after dreaded infection of PC Antivirus 2010. Basically, it is known as malicious program as it is pretty much asking for money in order to stop its harassment. In other words, it installs itself on your computer and tricks you into thinking that your computer is fully infected. But that is not the end of the story. Not only will your computer remain infected, the credit card which you used to make the purchase will also become compromised. So no matter what you do, do not buy this program or have it removed instantly.
<strong>Symptoms of Antivirus Studio 2013 infection</strong>
Having been said that, the infection will take full control of user’s activities working on computer or on internet once Antivirus Studio 2013 gets set. Plus, when infected computer is booted, a fake virus scan will begin which will show multiple false infections as a result such as RealAlert-DL, Worm.Win32.Rimecud.B, W32/Koobface.worm.gen.h and others. These viruses in real have nothing to do with compromised PC.
Other than that, it can disable any existing antivirus program as well as block access to updates and websites. Furthermore, the program replaces Task Manager with a fake one that highlights in red color indicates that those processes are infected. The screen can start flickering and victim users may also be subjected to a recurring message saying ‘new virus found’.
<strong>Procedures for uninstalling Antivirus Studio 2013</strong>
Antivirus Studio 2013 removal is not straight forward. It is important to remove Antivirus Studio 2013 immediately before it causes major damage to your compromised computer. Luckily, the removal process is not very difficult and you can get rid of it if you understand what it is. The virus is a type of malware infection which means that it will install on its own in the form of a malicious software and work by installing a range of files on your system, which will load each time Windows starts up. Thus, the only way you can get rid of the Antivirus Studio 2013 is by removing all the infected files from your PC and also any parts that may cause problems in the future that are on your system.
The millions of users around the world have been satisfied with these tools. Amongst them, Perfect Uninstaller is that eliminates the chances of the infection coming back completely.
<strong>Force Uninstall Antivirus Studio 2013 with Perfect Uninstaller</strong>
1. Quit all the running programs on your computer
2. Download and install Perfect Uninstaller
3. Find the directory directly in the hard drive where you locate Antivirus Studio 2013 as such.
%AppData%\Antivirus Studio 2013\Antivirus Studio 2013.exe
%AppData%\Antivirus Studio 2013\securitycenter.exe
%AppData%\Antivirus Studio 2013\securityhelper.exe
%AppData%\Antivirus Studio 2013\taskmgr.dll
4. Right click the directory to select “Force Uninstall” to start the removal.
5. Follow the onscreen steps to finish the removal.

Uninstall ByteHero Normally – How Can I Get Rid of It without Any Troubles?

Many users want to delete ByteHero when it works not well in the computer. What’s worse, it crashes your computer. Thus, it is necessary to remove it from your PC.
ByteHero is a powerful security software that protects your computer from unwanted external access. It prevents hackers from accessing your computer, stops malicious programs invading into your computer and sending your data over the internet, protects you during your online banking and transactions, and safeguards your identity. The software is easy to install and manage, and does not slow down your computer performance. The freeware version has slightly limited functionality and no automatic updates.

You have removed ByteHero normally. Why it is still there?

Theoretically, the supremacy of ByteHero should never be challenged from the outside effect. Practically, it is provides not that much sufficiency and need your treatment occasionally.
Open Windows Search to search for every file related to ByteHero like: C:\Programs Files\ByteHero
Click on Run icon on the Start Menu, then type “regedit” to activate the Registry Editor.
Find and delete those related keys like:
Normally, this should work out your problem in minutes. Nevertheless, a comprehensive fix relies on a more technical operation.
Click the Start menu on your computer taskbar, and select Run.
Type “cmd” in the box to open a command prompt, and then type “cd, C:\Program Files\ByteHero” to change directory.
Type ByteHero.exe – uninstall in order to uninstall the ByteHero.
After the removal finish, reboot your computer.
If you have no idea going through the manual process since those entries stay deep in your system and hard to pinpoint, you can always download specialist software to ByteHero. There are a few programs that are available online. Perfect Uninstaller is able to completely remove ByteHero with its Force Uninstall utility that automatically scan into your Windows system and clean up everything regarding the files and registry based on the directories you provide. It also has an option normal “Uninstall” option that will delete any software like Yahoo Toolbar with Anti Spyware that Windows is having trouble with.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Copernic Agent Basic Uninstaller – How to Uninstall Copernic Agent Basic Entirely

Do you need to uninstall Copernic Agent Basic? Copernic Agent Basic is compatible with Mac OS classic (System 7 onwards), Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows operating systems. If you are encountering the situations below, you may have to uninstall Copernic Agent Basic:
  • You cannot keep Copernic Agent Basic up- to- date.
  • When you run Copernic Agent Basic, obscure error messages appear.
  • Copernic Agent Basic cannot run with your instant operating system.
  • Copernic Agent Basic cannot play video smoothly because it has to exploit a lot of system resources to run.
How to uninstall Copernic Agent Basic manually?
If you need, you can try to uninstall Copernic Agent Basic manually with the following steps below:

  1. Click Start menu, and then run Control Panel.
  2. Select the Add or Remove Programs option
  3. In the Currently installed programs list, click AntiMalware Pro option.
  4. Select Copernic Agent Basic in the Add/Remove program list, and then click the Remove button to manually uninstall Copernic Agent Basic.
Note! We cannot absolutely ensure you to entirely uninstall Copernic Agent Basic because the integrated and sluggish Windows Add/ Remove utility cannot help you wipe out the associated files and registry keys of Copernic Agent Basic. If you have to uninstall Copernic Agent Basic as soon as possible, we sincerely suggest you try the Copernic Agent Basic uninstaller.
The benefits of reliable Copernic Agent Basic uninstaller:
  1. Entirely uninstall Copernic Agent Basic, any other unwanted software, add-on, plug- in, malicious application and unused or non- removal programs.
  2. Totally remove any associated files, empty registry keys, obsolete registry files, invalid file extensions and invalid uninstall entries.
  3. Easily locate the software and learn the information of the software with a highly easy- to- manage interface.
  4. Effectively uninstall non- removal antispyware programs and corrupted antispyware programs, such as A-squared, Norton Antivirus Program, AVG, Kaspersky, Avast Antivirus Programs, McAfee Antivirus Program, Avira Antivirus Program, Eset Antivirus Program, BitDefender Antivirus Program and TrendMicro.
How to uninstall Copernic Agent Basic easily and effectively?

You can follow the steps to easily get help from a Copernic Agent Basic uninstaller on your computer:
1. Free download Perfect Uninstaller here.
2. Double click to finish the installation.
3. Highlight “Copernic Agent Basic” in a “Display Name” list and then select “Uninstall” to finish the uninstall process.
4. Follow the instructions on the screen to completely uninstall Copernic Agent Basic.

VDownloader Uninstall – What Can You Do to Remove VDownloader from Your Laptop?

Would you like to uninstall VDownloader 4.0 and go back to version 3.4.5? Are you getting in trouble when you try to delete VDownloader from your computer? It is frustrated that you can not remove it as the message telling that the program is running. You are unable to get rid of it. In order to make your pc work more comfortably, you should learn the uninstall guides as following.
Would you like to watch your Favorite Videos from, Vimeo, Metacafe, Google Video, DailyMotion, Yahoo! Video or any other major video sharing website whenever and wherever you please? With VDownloader, you’ll be able to play video or audio on the road or on vacation on your MP3, mobile device or laptop; watch videos without annoying advertisements, captions or other distractions; make backups of online videos in any possible format; they might be lost or removed!
Once the VDownloader is useless, you need to delete it. And you can follow the standard uninstall tips below.
You need to restart your computer first.
Press F8 button while you are in the process of starting.
Select Safe Mode and press Enter.
When you are in the Safe Mode, click Start and then “Run”.
Type appwiz.cpl and click OK.
Find out VDownloader and click Uninstall.
Follow the instructions till you are prompted to reboot the PC.
Apart from that, you can just make the VDownloader gone the way it comes.
Go to and Search for VDownloader.
Download VDownloader installer program to your computer.
Launch the installer program which will automatically detect the already installed VDownloader on your computer.
Out of the three options presented, select “Uninstall” or “Remove Completely” option.
Finish the wizard and restart your computer.
The last option when you can not completely uninstall VDownloader is to force uninstall corrupted or left over programs files and registry information of it. Rather than taking the risk of manual removal, Perfect Uninstaller is available and sophisticated in forcibly removing any corrupted, half-installed, half-uninstalled and hidden program like eBuddy that Control Panel can’t detect or get around.
After installing Perfect Uninstaller, run it and find VDownloader in the program list in the main interface.
Click Uninstall to proceed to start the removal processes.
Perfect Uninstaller is scanning all related VDownloader entries on your computer.
Click “Next” to remove all associated VDownloader entries and then uninstall VDownloader from your computer.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

What To Do When I Cannot Uninstall AVG?

cannot-uninstall-avgAs my father is changing my antivirus program and firewall, he needs to uninstall AVG 8. When he goes through the dialogue boxes for uninstalling attempts to uninstall, he ends up with this error message:
Local machine: installation failed
Error: Action failed for registry value HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows:AppInit_DLLs: creating registry value….
Error 0×80070005
Neither he nor I have any idea of this weird error message. I’ve tried contacting AVG support with no success. To be more specific, the AVG 8 is an AVG Anti-Virus free edition 8.0. But when there was a pop-up says WARNING there is an attack on his computer, it apparently leds my father to a screen with no way to exit out.
He has tried to uninstall it by going to the add/remove programs but it’s not even there. Next, I try installing a new one and then uninstalling it, however, that only uninstalled the new one. Here is how I finally get rid of this pesky thing.
Uninstall AVG thru Windows Add/ Remove Programs
  1. Exit the program by opening Task Manager with Ctrl+Alt+Delete to end its process, AVGtray.exe.
  2. Click Start menu and then Control Panel
  3. Double click Add/ Remove Porgrams and navigate AVG
  4. Click “Remove” to uninstall it.
This normally removes major part of AVG if not affected by other programs running on your computer. If you can find AVG folder at C:\Program Files or where it’s installed, it indicates that AVG is still in your computer and the associated files are still left in system registry. Therefore, need a more effective way to uninstall AVG and fully remove its associated files out of your computer,
Forcibly Uninstall AVG
The last option when you can not completely uninstall AVG is to force uninstall corrupted or left over programs files and registry information of it. Rather than taking the risk of manual removal, a Perfect Uninstaller has been is available and sophisticated in forcibly removing any corrupted, half-installed, half-uninstalled and hidden programs that Control Panel can’t detect or get around. Aside from that, it is designed to automatically scan the registry keys regarding of the removed program such as Norton Antivirus and users can decide if any them should be removed. It is recommended to always back up the registry before the force uninstall.

How Do You Symantec Endpoint Protection?

How do you  uninstall Symantec Endpoint Protection client from Windows 2000, XP and Vista automatically? Uninstalling Symantec Endpoint Protection is known by many people so auto-uninstalling is recommended here.What is more, auto-uninstalling Symantec Endpoint Protection is much simpler and easier , which just needs a few steps without technology knowledge requirement. Most of the time, Perfect Uninstall can shut down the program automatically during the uninstalling process. So you can start the uninstall without going to the Task Manager.
Note: Do make a back up for your computer before you do any removal of such powerful program because the registry editing to the machine.
Symantec Endpoint Protection
How to  uninstall Symantec Endpoint Protection with Special Uninstall
Step1: Boot your PC in safe mode and run Perfect Uninstaller .
Step2: Click Special Uninstall to open the application list, click Symantec Endpoint Protection and click Next.
Step3: Follow a few onscreen instructions to complete two or three steps.
Step4: Restarting your computer is required to complete removal.
How to uninstall Symantec Endpoint Protection with Force Uninstall
Step1: Boot your PC in safe mode and run Perfect Uninstaller .
Step2:Click Force Uninstall.
Enter program name to be removed:
Write down “Symantec”
Look here:
Find out “ C:Program FilesSymantec”
Step3: Click Next and Finish.
Step4:Click Force Uninstall again.
Enter program name to be removed:
Write down “Endpoint”
Look here:
Find out “ C:Program FilesEndpoint”
Step5: Click Next and Finish.
Step6: Restarting your computer to completely uninstall Symantec Endpoint Protection.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Safety Center Uninstall Tips – How to Remove Safety Center Instantly

What is Safety Center?
Unlike its name, Safety Center is fake Safety Centergram. Some computer users are cheated by its professional appearance while some get it by certain virus. Taking advantage of system vulnerabilities, Safety Center can easily invade your system and automatically install itself.
Why I have to uninstall Safety Center?
In addition to annoying pop up advertisement, Safety Center will produce fake security report and introduce you to purchase the rogue program. Moreover, if you do not uninstall Safety Center in time, it will deliver your person information to a third party Trojan. In a word, the software is very destructive to your system. I have noticed that many security programs fail to remove Safety Center entirely. So you should try to uninstall it.
How to uninstall Safety Center manually?

Click “Start” > “Control Panel” > “Add or Remove Programs”, select the files of Safety Center and click “Remove”. This is the most common method to uninstall Safety Center, but sometimes it is still difficult to uninstall its components completely as they are embedded with your system so well. You even have to reboot your computer to repeat these steps again and again to uninstall Safety Center completely. And there still have a few customers complaining even they repeated enough.
Or you can make a better choice-uninstall Safety Center with the help of Perfect Uninstaller. Perfect Uninstaller will scan all of your drives to find out all files, file folders or even registries which are related to Safety Center. And then you can uninstall Safety Center by pushing only one button.
Yes, you don’t have to enter into registry to delete anything by yourself, you don’t have to reboot your computers so many times to uninstall Safety Center form your computer. You just need to click your mouse several times, and Safety Center will be removed completely from your computer after a few minutes.
Now, don’t delay anymore, move your mouse here to make the first click to free download Perfect Uninstaller to your computer!
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