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Spicy chicken (Chongqing geleshan spicy chicken)

Spicy chicken, is together mass loved of delicious dining, General to chicken mainly material, plus onion, and dry pepper, and pepper, and salt, and pepper, and MSG, variety material refined and into, nutrition rich, taste delicious, although is same road dish, around making also each has features, as, Chongqing geleshan spicy chicken, and Super spicy chicken, and spicy chicken block, and Guizhou flavor dishes spicy chicken, and Chuan flavor spicy chicken Ding, and spicy chicken Ding,.
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Card materials

Ingredients: whole chicken or chicken legs in a box, pepper, and dried chilies (1:4), cooked onions, sesame seeds, salt, monosodium glutamate, wine, cooking oil, ginger, garlic, and sugar

Ingredients: chicken legs, ears and green onions, dried chilli, pepper, salt, pepper, monosodium glutamate, sugar, vinegar, wine, salad oil the right amount.

Production process approach

1, wash the chicken leg or a whole chicken to reach manhood in a bowl with salt and cooking wine yards, used for blow molding.

2, set the fire pot, with till 70% hot, pour the chicken sliding cooked, drain before using.

3, Pan showings the oil until hot, dry chilli red to Brown next roast pepper, pour in chicken, cooked into wine, toss with salt, monosodium glutamate, pepper, sugar, vinegar, cooked into soups stir until chicken tender. When dry, but onions toss pot and dish up the ear.

Practices II

The main ingredient

Chicken 500g chili 40g pointed chilli peppers 5G


Oil Salt amount of onion appropriate wine moderate moderate amount of pepper corn starch sauce amount of rotten milk amount of MSG the right amount of water amount of ginger the right amount

Production steps

1. prepare all the materials, wash and clean the dust with dried chilies, and dry them off.

2. using scissors to cut the pepper into sections.

3. chicken legs scrape the bone with the knife.

4. Add pepper chicken leg meat and wine, pickled mix for half an hour.

5. add cornstarch mix.

6. the oil temperature in the oil pan to 60% is hot, pour chicken fried miniature on the surface, remove and drain the oil after.

7. in another small bowl, add soy sauce.

8. Add a spoonful of rotten milk.

9. Add water, stir.

10. Add salt, stirring until salt turns to open.

11.80% hot oil to the Pan, pour in chicken complex-fried, fried golden bails out on the surface.

12. leave some oil in the Pan, pour in dried chilies and pepper Xiang.

13. pour chicken stir fry.

14. Add onion, ginger, garlic and stir-fry.

15. pour prepared sauce.

16. turn off the heat, add MSG

17. the dish you can enjoy, with bowls of rice was just right. [1]

Production tips

1. chili and pepper can be added with your taste, but for embodiment of the original features of this dish, good

Finished product is best Chili can cover the chicken completely, rather than chicken bits in some chili and pepper.
2. fried chicken to chicken in salt, be sure to cast the foot, if fried chicken before adding salt, salt is into the chicken, because the shell has been blown dry chicken, the texture is relatively close together, salt can only be attached to the surface of the chicken, and affect the taste.

3. oil-fried chicken with be sure to burn very hot, or chicken appearance will not blow dry for a long time, even for a long time, such as fried did, it would have been really dry, a mass of dead flesh, it's hard to eat, no taste at all. So the fire must be big, deep fried until crisp outside, and there is also relatively young.


1, pickled pickling make sure you put enough salt, because salt fried chicken is hard to get in after. A teaspoon of salt is not too much, because there is a step in the boiling water will wash off salt.
2, why boiling water--boiling water, blanch the chicken half done, behind frying process so long as they were crisp on the outside, this chicken was crisp outside but tender inside! Second, oil fried chicken, oil is dirty, it's hard to use. Blanch water drained, chicken is clean, so oil won't dirty.
3, fried-the secondary complex-fried method can quickly ensure the outside crispy, deep fried, it will drain too much water. The fried chicken, and fried changed the usual, use half fried, half fried, fuel-efficient, and soon it can FRY coloring.

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