Sunday, June 15, 2014

Can’t remove Sticky Notes? How do you fully delete Sticky Notes from your laptop?

Are you able to delete Sticky Notes due to it is broken and you can not use it anymore? Thus, you need to get rid of Sticky Notes completely. In fact, it is an useful program. However, it is unavailable now.
Sticky Notes is simple, easy-to-use, and absolutely free note taking software that helps you jot down, manage and organize information and create reminders with snooze, repeat options and various alarms. With Sticky-Notes, you can write down short notes, ideas, phone numbers, addresses, make to-do lists, organize research and class notes on your desktop. The program automatically saves all notes information. Sticky Notes provides plenty of options to configure the program the way you like – you can color code, sort, duplicate, prioritize and print sticky notes and find whatever you need instantly. Additionally, you can hide, cascade or minimize sticky notes that saves your desktop space. Sticky Notes supports sharing notes with friends and co-workers through the network or the Internet.
Needlessly to say, there will be chances that Sticky Notes are wasting their times and they yearn for removing it as soon as possible.
Quit all running processes by opening Task Manager or directly boot your computer into safe mode.
Then click on Start, and then Settings, Control Panel; double click on “Add/Remove Programs”(XP) or Programs and features (vista or Win7).
Find Sticky Notes in the list and then click on “Change or Remove”.
Follow the on-screen steps to finish the Sticky Notes removal.
If this Sticky Notes still spears on your desktop when the above process is completed, it is time to consider a more serious solution.
Press Start Menu, and then click Search.
Type Sticky Notes into the blank and then choose Local Hard Drives.
Click Search to start searching and then delete all the related files on the right.
Click Start Menu again, and then open Run.
Type regedit and click Yes, so that you can activate the Registry Editor.
Find and delete those entries related to Sticky Notes under every plus folder.
Reboot your PC after you finish the onscreen steps.
To uninstall Sticky Notes completely, you can use a powerful, professional uninstall tool. Perfect Uninstaller is highly recommended for you. You can entirely uninstall Sticky Notes or remove FreeRip easily with Perfect Uninstaller. What’s more, it can wipe out all hidden leftovers related to Sticky Notes and thus keep you from security risk.
Download and install Perfect Uninstaller.
Start the Perfect Uninstaller, and it will list your computer programs.
Locate Sticky Notes on the list and click Uninstall.
Follow the prompts to complete the removal. It is so simple.

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